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दिल्ली दुष्कर्म : चारों दोषियों को मृत्युदंड, फैसला सुन रो पड़े दरिंदे    क्रिकेटर अंकित चव्हाण और श्रीशांत पर आजीवन प्रतिबंध    क्रिकेटर अंकित चव्हाण और श्रीशांत पर आजीवन प्रतिबंध
National Akali Dal’s performance by demanding shutdown of TV show

National Akali Dal’s performance by demanding shutdown of TV show

paran jit singh pamma protestNew Delhi, 05 November 2017: National Akali Dal activists performed on Kirti Nagar to protest against pornography being shown in the Big Boss. Party President Paramjit Singh Pamma has urged the central government to immediately shut down the program and file a lawsuit against the organizers. Under the leadership of National Akali Dal President Paramjit Singh Pamma, the workers gathered in front of Kirtinagar Chowk and shouted slogans against the demand for closure of Bigboss. Speaking on the occasion, Shri Parmajit Singh Pamma said that the Big Boss is increasing day by day pornography and it is limiting the limits of all limits. Mr. Pamma said that in the Bigg Boss, all the songs, ghastly abuses and obscenity have been so filled that it has become difficult to sit with the family in the house. They said that this program has a very bad effect on the children and meditation is going on in this program lives on. He said that it is unfortunate that the Central Government and other agencies are watching the silence of quiet silence. The sensor board is also quiet. He said that the responsibility of the police and other agencies is to file a lawsuit against those who promote pornography and encourage them but all the pressure is under the pressure of organizers of Big Boss. Shri Pamma has demanded the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, the Ministry of Information, to immediately stop the Big Boss after intervening in this matter. He said that by doing this we can save our culture. A delegation led by Mr. Pamma also gave a memorandum to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting on this occasion. On this occasion, Daljeet Singh Chagar, Rajesh Chopra, Sandeep Bharadwaj, Gurdev Singh, Bindia Malhotra, Shankar Gogia, Ram Bhara, Satnam Singh, Amarjit Singh Sodhi, Satpal Manga, Baljit Singh Sarna, Jasbir Singh, Harpal Singh, Mandeep Singh etc. also gave the work to the workers Addressed and demanded to close Bigboss.

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